Friday, June 24, 2011

The $270,000 multi-coloured Roller that looks as if it's been hit by several paint pots

This Rolls Royce Phantom owner may have enough money to buy the iconic car - but there are some grave doubts about his taste.

Maybe he was colour blind, because clearly he could not make up his mind which hue he preferred.

So, since he could afford it, he decided to indulge a varied palette including white, purple and yellow on the outside.


Unique: The first Rolls Royce to do an impression of a rainbow

Signature: The wacky car was painted by UK-based designer Pablo Rabiella

Pretty in pink? The inside has been given an eye-dazzling makeover

There's more of a colour clash inside the car with its deep pink steering wheel and seats, an orange and purple-coloured fascia topped off with cream carpets.

The average price of a Phantom is £170,000 - but if he ever sells this, he might want to include a pair of dark glasses. And maybe some sick bags.

Bright idea: The steering wheel is beautifully hand-stitched, 
but many will consider its colour scheme an eyesore

Yellow there: Looking at the ceiling won't provide respite for the eyes, either

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