Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Beyonce “The Beautiful Ones/ Sex On Fire (Prince/ Kings of Leon Cover – Glastonbury 2011)”

Proving once again why Beyonce reigns as the Baddest. Bitch. In. The. Game: this truly epic performance the R&B-pop diva brought to the Glastonbury 2011 stage, a two-for-one cover combo of Prince’s forever gorgeous Purple Rain ballad “The Beautiful Ones” and Kings of Leon’s endlessly remade “Sex On Fire”.

Whatever your feelings on her latest album (streaming in full here) or general level of Hate towards anything she ever does, it’s hard to deny the spectacular entrance fee-worthiness of Beyonce’s performance here as she sends the massive-sized audience before her into a tizzy with her every curly weave whip, stage dry-hump, lip lick, sky-piercing high note and earth-rumbling growl (you can almost smell the crowd’s hysterical mixture of giddiness, sweat and armpit must through the screen), basically makes it unnecessary for any artist to ever to attempt to cover these two songs ever again (Hell, The Artist Formerly Known As The Artist Formerly Known as Prince and the Followill clan themselves may even think twice when it comes to performing these cuts again–okay, maybe not Prince), and, ultimately, reminds us how great it would be if Bey ever decided to truly step outside the box and make an entire album marrying the worlds of rock and soul (or, at the least, a rock-leaning all-covers collection) mirroring the awesomeness she displays here.

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