Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fukushima Effect or Alien Creatures? Strange creatures have invaded the forest over night

Strange Creature Discovered By Villagers In Sri Lanka.

Avatar Picture

Sri Lanka forest picture

Villagers in Galewela have sought the assistance of authorities including the Wildlife Department to identify a creature which has been fast spreading in the area.

The insect around one inch was spotted by a villager and since then a large number of people have been visiting the location.

We have met these creatures in the Avatar movie. This is a coincidence or James Cameron was inspired somewhere.

However the fact is that between these strange creatures those occurring in Sri Lanka and those on the Pandora Planet from Avatar movie.

There are many similarities between this strange creatures.

Let your imagination work.

In this video Strange Creature Discovered By Villagers In Sri Lanka

Avatar movie - you can see at 2:31

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