Monday, June 27, 2011

UFOs were seen in London skies on Friday

A series of mystifying flying objects were seen in London skies on Friday, June 24, bringing the same unanswered question to the fore.

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One of the videos was captured outside the London BBC Radio 1 Building, while another was taken near the Tower Bridge.

The video was originally uploaded to YouTube by 31-year-old user alymc01, but it has been more widely circulated by a user called EllasVirgo, who on his YouTube profile describes himself as a farmer from Australia.

Virgo's YouTube channel is filled with space, asteroid and UFO-related snippets, including videos with titles such as 'More proof Nasa is lying'.

In the brief text accompanying the video Virgo wrote: 'UFOs Over London BBC Radio 1 Building.

'Right - took over a week to get it....but finally managed to get these critters on camera on a clear day, and even get a close-up

'It seems to be attracting quite a crowd now when they appear'
'Can anyone explain what on earth these lights are please?'

There are some people who are questioning the phenomena. UFO's Spotted By Multiple People In London! (What do you think?)"

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