Monday, August 29, 2011

Dior Phone Touch

French luxury-goods company Christian Dior unveiled the new Dior phone, a compact high-performance luxury touch phone. Measuring 103.1 x 50.3 x 12.8 mm the Dior phone is a real architectural gem, 99 pieces assembled by hand in a French workshop using the most precious materials: sapphire crystal, steel, gold, diamond, mother-of-pearl. Priced at $ 5,600  the Dior Phone Touch can be purchased at

The house Christian Dior presents the new smartphone DIOR PHONE TOUCH - a compact, elegant and luxurious at the same time high-performance mobile phone. Easy, intuitive handling and a perfect size to slip into even the smallest pocket making, the new smartphone into a real flatterer.

A true work of art that reflects the spirit of Christian Dior 

"I wanted to be an architect," said Dior. With the creation of the "New Look" silhouette, the middle of the last century and revolutionized the fashion world has created an entirely new kind of elegance, DIOR had put his architectural skills to the test.

With the creation of new DIOR DIOR PHONE TOUCH the implementation of DNA technology succeed in the modern era. An elegant mobile phone with multi-layered, intelligent design.
 99 items are hand assembled in a French factory: the finest and best materials - sapphire crystal, stainless steel, gold, diamond, pearl and ceramic - cleverly combined with the finest jewelry and inlay work. A technical masterpiece in the sparkling glory of artfully incorporated into the sapphire glass Cannage pattern. This symbolic of the house DIOR basketweave reminiscent of the Napoleon III. Chair on which the customers were the first fashion show of Monsieur Dior in 1947 place. Such a precious object, of course, requires an appropriate setting: The case for the new DIOR PHONE TOUCH is made of supple leather and accesses the typical Cannage-stitching. Another brand that is oval-DIOR, animated with each dial a number.

The DIOR PHONE TOUCH is inspired by its luxury and perfection of the spirit of its detail Christian Dior. Even the couturier's favorite colors are found in the sapphire-glass decor again: Glamorous Black, Radiant Red, white and pure blue exotic Shanghai. 

Christian Dior had his own color philosophy: "Of all the colors of black, the most useful, most elegant and flattering them. Black can always wear at any age and at any opportunity, "and". I love red because that is the color of life. There is for every woman the right red if not already as a base color of the wardrobe, there should still be present in accessories. "Nothing could be easier with the new DIOR PHONE TOUCH.

Submerge with specially created icons and sound effects in the world of Dior 
With his own world of images and sounds is the new DIOR PHONE TOUCH an elegant and highly refined craftsmanship expertise. Menus and applications to load a journey of discovery through the world of Dior and the house to be immersed in the unique atmosphere of the 30 Avenue Montaigne in Paris, the traditional headquarters in the 8th DIOR Arrondissement. As in a time travel story which moves from the 50 years of Monsieur Dior past to the present to the viewer. 
Even the Twitter, Facebook, Google, YouTube and Blogger icons are framed by a thin white line - just like the street signs in Paris. Each function comes up with a surprise. Camera, video, photo galleries, animations: behind every icon is hidden, with a Polaroid snapshot of the life of Christian Dior - in the studio, with fittings and backstage of a fashion show. In short: a journey into the legend and magic of the collections in its various facets. 
Even the sound effects are symbolic. Ring and key tones have been exclusive to the DIOR PHONE TOUCH composed of an audio designer. Muguet, New Look, Tapis Rouge, Montaigne ... the world of the house and its legendary history DIOR. 
A jewel in women's hands - and an alter ego 

103.1 x 50.3 x 12.2 mm tall and 137 grams of light: The compact, new DIOR PHONE TOUCH fits perfectly into any woman's hand. With elegance, intelligence and sophistication meets the DIOR PHONE TOUCH modern communication and information needs: What's new in the stock market? How is the weather? A round-trip Paris-Shanghai? A high-tech device with incredible expertise, tradition and modern technology together harmoniously. 

Touch screen phone

3.2 inches multi-touch LCD, 16 million colours, 854 x 480 pixels
103,1 mm H x 50,3 mm D x 12,8 mm W
Weight: from 137 grams
3G+, Quad band, Wifi, Bluetooth® 2.1 stereo
A GPS, Google Maps™
Real time, Facebook, Twitter, Widgets
MP3 player, Dolby Mobile sound enhancement
Video recorder, Auto Focus 5MP camera with stabiliser
Battery life Li-lon900mAh
12 days standby time, 3 hours 45 minutes talk time
Directory 1000 contacts
Micro SD 8 GB

Model and Price List 

Sapphire (Black / White / Blue Shanghai): $ 5,600

Gold (Black and gold / red and gold): $ 7,100 

Jewellery (various versions) from $12,000 to $ 20,000

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