Tuesday, August 2, 2011

J. Lo Earns $1 Million for a 40-Minute Performance

Instead of becoming inactive, sulky and depressed after her divorce from Mark Anthony, Jenifer Lopez decided to fight her sorrow with hard work. She couldn’t have taken a better decision, as her professional efforts paid of really well: $1 million for a one-night performance.

Just a few days after having announced her divorce, J. Lo sang at an extravagant wedding (how ironic life is!). Oil magnate Azam Aslamov’s son celebrated his wedding at the Aivazovskii Hotel in Ukraine, together with 500 guests and 100 waiters. The hotel staff enjoyed four days off, as the entire building was booked for the wedding between July 17-20. No visitors were allowed on the Black Sea shore property and tight security made sure everyone respected this rule.

The entire wedding cost a whopping $15 million, of which $1 million went to J. Lo, as mentioned before. During her stay in Ukraine’s Autonomous Republic of Crimea, the singer enjoyed a luxurious penthouse suite in hotel Ville Elena. Her accommodation cost Aslamov another $4,100 per night, but that was hardly a problem for the oil tycoon. The staff at the hotel said that Jenifer was very pleasant to everybody, despite her personal troubles.

She even declared herself happy on stage, when she shouted: “Are you happy? I am happy, because I am here with you today!” Of course, this could very easily be translated as “I’m thrilled to earn $1 million for just 40 minutes of singing!”

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