Thursday, October 13, 2011

Dior & Daniel Arsham


Dior has always cultivated outstanding links with art. Christian Dior himself adored art and artists.

From September 20th to October 14th
From September 20th to October 5th

This love of art has been a constant source of inspiration at Dior and has throughout the years lead to outstanding art projects such as “Christian Dior and Chinese Artists” in Beijing in 2008 and “Inspiration Dior” at the Pushkin Museum in Moscow in 2011.

Christian Dior liked to say he was an architect seeking overall harmony through an arrangement of lines. His dresses were carefully constructed, being “molded” on the natural curves of a woman’s body. The new, special Dior artistic project with Daniel Arsham to be presented in the windows of the Dior boutiques in Paris, New York and Milan thus folds perfectly into the essence of Dior; the work of Daniel Arsham in chalk-white resin sculptures synthesizes a future civilization, symbolized by its architecture, where a cold, entropic beauty empowers nature over culture.

For this collaboration, Daniel Arsham was inspired by the pleats of Dior dresses from the 40s and 50s. Daniel has created several fibreglass molded drapes that seem to float in the window space, attaching themselves to people or furniture, such as the house emblem: the medallion chair.

The medallion chair is "dressed" in a white sheet, which is draped over the form of the chair. The sheet gives the impression of being in flight. Another drape envelops the body of a mannequin. Daniel’s sculptures, while rigid and immobile, defy these very characteristics and possess a strong sense of softness and fluidity.

DANIEL ARSHAM Born in 1980 in Cleveland, Ohio Lives and works in New York and Miami

In gouaches, sculptures, and conceptual objects Miami-bred artist, Daniel Arsham, synthesizes a future civilization, symbolized by its architecture, where a cold, entropic beauty empowers nature over culture, something like J.G. Ballard’s crystalline worlds, but where people’s lives can only be guessed at or wondered about from afar. Chalk-white resin and cut-marble sculptures, and assembled models detail his highly aesthetic, hypothetical dystopia. Their style combines elements from organic art nouveau, F. L. Wright’s architectural drawings, art deco fa├žades, surrealist dreamscapes, minimalism’s iconic transformation of building supplies, pop art’s collages of pictures, and of course everything information technology can offer.

Source : Dior

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