Saturday, December 10, 2011

Dolce & Gabbana Milan Runway Jump Start Next Season

Runway report straight from the catwalks of top fashion shows we bring you Dolce & Gabbana from Milan. To get a jump start on next season trends I provide a preview of whats hot off the runway in Europe. After the shocking news that D&G, the second line of Dolce & Gabbana, is going to close down as the designers have decided to concentrate their efforts on the main one, I was definitively curious about what the Italian duo would have presented at the show of the remaining line. The latin music that opened the show already gave me an idea of what to expect, feminine and Mediterranean women were about to appear on the catwalk.

The show started with a long series of floaty dresses, hot pants and top all with colorful oversize prints of…vegetables! At first I thought they were the perfect dressed to go down to the local market when shopping for food, but as the show continued, I started wondering if Dolce & Gabbana were either advising us on nutrition and promoting the Mediterranean diet above all others, or they are seriously considering to start producing vegetable sops. Tomatoes, eggplants, onions and garlic clovers paraded in front of the hungry audience, the models walking sensually adorned with pasta shaped earrings and hot peppers shaped charms hanging from their bracelets.

The second part of the collection convinced me more, as vegetables were left in the kitchens they belong to and short cocktail dresses and corsets heavily adorned with large and colorful crystals looked fresh and appealing, ready to lighten up our summer evenings. Very Italian, with a touch of glamour for women. Keep following European Fashion Editor Elena Leoni for the latest trends on Milan and Paris catwalks.

Source: newyorkgirlstyle

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