Friday, December 9, 2011

How to Look Fabulous every day

Are you looking to revamp your style and get a buzz started about you? The days of looking drab can finally be over and soon you will be able to turn heads and make a statement. No matter what your hair color, body shape, or eye color, you too can become sexier today just by adding a few simple things to your look, without having to dress skimpy in order to look sexy. Below are some proven tips that you can use to amplify your sexiness while maintaining your class.

Women who dress in red seem sexier than those who wear white, green, gray, or blue, according to our dating experts. They’re even 56 percent more likely to get asked out than women in blue.

A quick glance gives off a sociable vibe while expressing interest in a person. A lingering look even moves it a step further and appears more seductive.

When searching for sexy lingerie our favorite is Victoria Secret Sexy Little Things Baby Doll and Halter Baby Doll in goregours purple to spice up the night. You can acheive your seductiveness with a touch of these feminine pieces.

At a party, standing up can get you noticed for being more noticeable in a crowd. Even more surprisingly, you tend to point your toes towards someone you really like. If you want to give off an open vibe keep your toes pointed towards your love interest.

Keep the amount of fragrance on you low. The closer someone has to get to smell your fragrance the more seductive it becomes. The best way to go about this is to dot it on your wrists or behind the ears once a day. Or for an eau de toilette, mist a cloud in front of you and walk through it to pick up exactly the right amount.

A sexy posture is both relaxed, yet upright. By keeping your hips aligned, your shoulders even, and back straight, you can give off a certain vitality and energy. If you Doing yoga or Pilates will help your body become accustom to this position on its own.

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