Monday, December 12, 2011

Vanessa Paradis Covers Vogue

Singer, Model, Actress, and Johnny Depp lover Vanessa Paradis covers British Vogue’s ageless beauty issue. Shots of Paris look absolutely stunning, as she wears items by Chanel, the brand for which she is a spokeswoman.

In the shots, taken by photographer Mario Testino, Paradis looks spectacular, pairing lace with brown studded boots.

Padis talked about gaining fame in her native France and how her view on celebrity has changed over the years.

In the interview, Paradis talks about how she has learned to take care of herself and her body over time.

“I do definitely look after myself, much more than I used to,” Paradis said. “After a lotta years of smoking, I quit, hopefully forever, four years ago. And it was not just for the voice that I quit. It was time. And I do exercise. Not a lot. I discovered yoga.”

Paradis also spoke about ageing and her outlook on getting older. According to the reporter, Paradis seemed unworried about the aging process.

“Well, I mean, what do you wanna do?” Paradis shrugged. “You can pull what you’re gonna pull…” Paradis then simulates a face lift by pulling her skin tight with her fingers. “But it’s always going to be there — the age and the lack of limberness. It’s not about that. It depends what you’ve achieved in your life, and where you are at in your life,” Vanessa said.

Sounds like Vogue found the perfect cover girl for the ageless beauty magazine issue.
By: Katherine Kehoe

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